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September 2008
God Provides: Pastor Returns to Kenya with Daughter
by Nick Harris

Rev. Nick Harris and his daughter Amy Gutteridge will be leaving for Kenya on September 22. The purpose of the trip is three fold: 1) To evaluate the needs of the clinic and the best way to convert it to a maternity hospital; 2) To establish the future needs of our elementary school and the possibilities for expansion; and 3) To reassess the feeding program and investigate the ways to increase its effectiveness.

The most exciting thing about this trip is the fact that Pastor and Amy will be met when they arrive in Nairobi by one of the best friends this mission project has ever had, Kyle McCarter. He is the eldest son of Cal and Lin McCarter, both of whom have given their lives to this ministry. Kyle will have already been in Kenya for over a week when Pastor and Amy arrive.

The first thing that Kyle will do when he arrives in Kenya is purchase us a Toyota truck. Yes, in a recent Roar article we spoke of the need for a new vehicle and two persons stepped up, one with a gift $4500 and another with a gift of $20,000. This miracle from God does not rival the parting of the Red Sea, but it is a major miracle, none-the-less.

Kyle, a corporate CEO in Belleville, Illinois, will also assist in the construction of our bridge, which has hit a bureaucratic snag, something quite common in the third world. Kyle has dealt with these difficulties on many occasions, and will do so in this case. Just pray that God will put favor glasses on the eyes of the bureaucrats.

When Pastor arrives at the compound in Tharaka, he will be met by Joe Maye, a young man with extensive construction experience, who will oversee the completion of our three unfinished school buildings. The fourth building is complete with cement floors and walls, and Joe will supervise the work on the remainder. All four buildings now have the stem walls, the steel framework and trusses and the metal roofs in place and paid are for.

Pastor is praying that by the time he arrives, the new well will also be in operation. We are still waiting for a commitment from a driller. Water now represents our greatest need. We have food, we have will have a vehicle, and we have buildings. We only need water.

Pastor and Amy desire you prayers while they are away.

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