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September 2006
Ariel Chapel Kick-off Rousing Success
by Nick Harris

Our first Ariel Chapel service, our walk-through event on August 13, was a real blessed event. What made it so great is that the presence of the Lord was there. Jason Moore, Curtis Foote, and I had all gone to the Guitar Center at various times picking-up the components of our sound system. There were miles of wires, and plug-in boxes, and amps, and stands and lamps and speakers and LCD’s and on and on the list goes.

When we got inside the theater at 8:00 AM, I was convinced that there was no way on earth we could have everything assembled by 10:00. But by 9:30, the band was practicing and everything was working thanks to Curtis. Fred had the laptop and LCD flashing words, and everything worked like a well-oiled machine. We had thirty-nine adults and five children in attendance, not bad for a walk-through.

Our first official service was on Sunday morning, August 20. I began my new series entitled, “Shaping a Man/Woman God Can Use.” I am using the life of Moses to demonstrate how God transformed this man from a cold-blooded killer into a person He could use mightily. Brian Bishop met me at the door Sunday, already encouraging me in the Lord.

We were thrilled to have a total of seventy people, including children. Once again the music was sensational, thanks to Jason and Treena Moore, Scott and Crystal Davis, and Jim Preble. I am also beginning to remember how to lead a worship service, even though I am a little rusty, but I have not forgotten how to teach.

Set-up and break-down went a little more quickly thanks to Curtis Foote and Fred Southern. It takes three or four of us to get everything out of the storeroom in the theater and all the while Curtis is plugging wires into things. How these “techy” people know so much is a mystery to me.

Please, continue to pray for this endeavor. We believe God is in it, but nothing is going to happen until we ask. The Bible promises that when two or more of us agree in prayer, God acts, so let’s agree that Ariel Chapel will be everything God wants it to be.

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