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October 2006
World War III - When, Where, Why?
by Nick Harris

Do you find yourself wondering where the world is going---what the future holds? Well, the Bible provides the answers.

Several future events are coming that will change this world as we know it. The most important of these events is the rapture of the church, the calling away of the body of Christ. But I believe that before the rapture occurs, two great wars will be fought.

One of those wars will be a fourth Arab/Israeli War between Israel and three Arab nations, Syria, Egypt, and Jordan. This war could erupt at any moment. That war will be followed by what can only be described as World War III.

This coming world war is described in all of its horrible details in Ezekiel 38-39. The prophet tells us who the combatants will be. A revived nation of Russia, called Magog will attack the state of Israel backed by a Muslim alliance led by the nation of Iran (Persia).

You can read this entire study at our web site,, or order the CD package on the website for $15. One excerpt from this study reads as follows:

“The reappearance of the nation of Israel immediately drew a vicious response from Satan. The birth of this new nation inflamed him. He was fully aware that the existence of the nation of Israel on the world scene was the first link in a chain of events that would eventually lead to his being bound and cast into hell for a thousand years. Satan knew that he had to act quickly to eliminate this threat, so when the nation of Israel was only a few hours old, Satan sent five heavily armed Muslim nations to do his bidding.

Within 24 hours, the armies of these nations had attacked the one-day old state, and the attack was vicious. Only the intervention of Almighty God saved this fledgling state from annihilation in that fateful summer of 1948. Even though the struggle was brutal, in the end, the Arab alliance was crashed and Israel survived.”

Do not miss this study.

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