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May 2007
Loaves and Fishes To Begin At Ariel Chapel
by Nick Harris

Pastor Harris has announced that a week day Bible Study called “Loaves and Fishes” will be initiated on Thursday, May 17, at Ariel Chapel. The study will begin at 12:10 PM and be completed no later than 12:50 PM. Sandwiches and/or soup, chips, iced tea, and coffee will be served for lunch.

The “Loaves and Fishes” teachings will now be a weekly event, and will be held in the Chapel Youth room every Thursday at the same times.

Pastor has announced that his first topic will be entitled, “Paul’s First Missionary Journey.” One of the first topics with which Pastor will deal will be the lost years of the ministry of Paul. Remember, for eleven years, the Apostle Paul disappeared from sight after the leaders of the church in Jerusalem had asked him to leave the city and return to his home province of Cilicia, which he did. So, what did Paul do during this time?

Pastor has the solution to this dilemma. His in-depth study of Paul’s epistles has provided him with the answer to this question.

“Loaves and Fishes” is open to anyone that wants to attend. The lunch will begin to be served at 11:50, and people can eat lunch while the study proceeds.

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