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March 2008
Africa Mission Response Incredible
by Nick Harris

I can hardly comprehend what has happened since Brian and I returned from our mission trip to Tharaka. We came home having seen so many needs that it was staggering---there was the need for three additional school building, the need for clean water, the need for a bridge, the need for a vehicle, and the need for stockpiles of food. We just did not know how all these needs could ever be met.

On the plane coming home I said to God, “Father, I do not know how these things that need to be done are going to be done, but its not my problem; it is your problem and I give it to you.” And God acted. Before a week had passed, God had provided $10,000. Of that, $5000 came from a precious family in Tulsa, $1500 from an OU student, $500 from the African Christian Fellowship, and $3000 from two of my closest friends in Northwest Oklahoma.

I was so blessed by this, but God was not through. After the last edition of the Roar had been mailed, other people began to be moved, especially by Brian’s article on the bridge. I got a call from someone in Tulsa, a person that wishes to remain anonymous and someone I do not even know, who sent $500 for the bridge. Then, a letter came that made Chris and I both cry. It was from a person who copes with more in life than any other person I know. But inside the letter was a check for $1000. He wanted $500 to go on the school and $500 to go on the bridge.

Then, at our Chapel service a couple of weeks ago we had two visitors. If I should mention their names most of you would know them. That morning I had spoken briefly about the provisions that God had been making for our project, and I mentioned some of the things we still needed. That day this visiting couple gave us $2500 to build the steel framework for the fourth school building. We still need $2500 to be able to pour the floor, to build the exterior wall, and to put the windows in the facility, but that too will come.

I can only say this: when it comes to the Africa project, God has put favor glasses on the eyes of everyone I know. It is joy unspeakable to see it. If you would like to pray with me for things we need, then pray from God to lay it on the hearts of people to provide us with maize and beans. Maize costs $24 a bag, and we use a minimum of 24 bags a month to feed our children. Beans, their only source of protein, costs $65 a bag, and we use a minimum of 15 bags a month.

God’s Word promises that God will supply “all our needs, according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” I am receiving that promise as done, in the name of Jesus.

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