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From Chris's Heart

March 2007
Ariel Chapel Work
by Nick Harris

The remodeling of our new facilities in Norman is almost completed. The remodeling began in the kitchen where we installed a new refrigerator, range, washer and dryer, and dishwasher.

We will now be able to launch a series of new ministries including Wednesday Night Pastors Bible Study, and a noon-time teaching event for business people. To facilitate these ministries we purchased twelve eight foot folding tables. The previous occupants left a wonderful closet to house these tables.

With that completed, we put in our revolutionary new screen on the platform in the sanctuary. It is a massive thirty-two feet long. Its pictures are cast by three LCD projectors that are fed by a lap top computer that breaks pictures and texts into three parts and sends them to the individual projectors. The screen was painted on a sheet rock wall then coated with a substance full of reflective material which gives a picture one and a half times as bright as a movie screen.

The installation of the LCD projectors provided some challenges, but our visual expert quickly overcame the problems.

In the nursery we purchased two baby beds, and a beautiful changing table, as well as two glider chairs to rock babies. In the Kingdom Kids room we purchased two royal blue, oval-shaped tables for the kids, along with a dozen royal blue matching chairs. We purchased a combination TV-DVD-VCR for this room as well.

In the youth room, we tore out the walls of two classrooms making a nice children’s church facility. We recarpeted this room, and will soon add a first-class puppet stage area. We also purchased a TV-DVD-VCR for this room. In the main room we purchased a huge air hockey table, and a fuse-ball table. God has also given us a wonderful Youth Pastor, Laban Evans who is incredible.

We were also able to convert a store room into an office for Pastor. It has a new desk, two new book cases, and a new chair purchased by a wonderful friend of this ministry.

One of the problems we faced was a limited lobby area, so we tore down the walls of the conference room tripling the size of our lobby area. We have now painted the new lobby, hall, and sanctuary in a lovely shade of green, and we are in the process of recarpeting the lobby halls and sanctuary. This week we will hang new blinds in the lobby, and install a coffee bar.

This past week we were able to install new can lights in the sanctuary, removing the old florescent lights. Our new signs are now in place, and our remodeling work is almost complete.

This property is something that should please all of our Ariel supporters. It is close enough to the campus for us to launch our programs for this fall. Continue to agree with us that God is going to bless our investment in this place.

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