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From Chris's Heart

June 2008
Gift Received For Tharaka Vehicle
by Nick Harris

One of the greatest needs we have left in Tharaka is a reliable vehicle. Our 1968 Land Rover has at least 2 million miles on it. We purchased this vehicle used in 1984 or 1985. We have put several new engines and at least six transmissions in this Rover. We have replaced countless front-ends in this vehicle, but replacement parts are getting more and more difficult to find for a 50 year old Rover.

The vehicle of choice in Kenya today is the Toyota. Almost every major town has a Toyota dealership with an abundance of replacement parts and trained mechanics. For our project to be maximally effective we must have reliable transportation. But in the past we have had so many other needs that we could not focus on the transportation issue. So before I left Kenya, I gave the vehicle issue to God. I said, “God, this is your problem and I will wait on you to resolve it.”

Well, last week God went to work. We received a check for $4200, which we have put into a special fund to purchase a Toyota FJ. We can purchase a quality vehicle for approximately $20,000, and we are already a fifth of the way there. The import duties at one time in Kenya were 100%, but it has now been lowered to 29%.

God has been good. The school has now been completely funded. The necessary food for one entire year has been funded. We have enough money to complete our bridge across the Thanantu by September. We are now in the process of finding a driller to dig us a new water well. We are upgrading our present facilities, and we will soon convert the clinic into a maternity hospital for natal and prenatal care.

All I can say is, “WOW!” It is nothing less than a miracle. Cal’s health is improving thanks to the prayers of believing people.

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