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From Chris's Heart

June 2007
We Are Back In Kenya
by Nick Harris

One of the most difficult things I have faced over the past three years is the fact that I have not been involved with the medical clinic I helped to establish in the Tharaka desert region of Kenya, along with my friends Cal and Linda McCarter.

That changed a couple of weeks ago, as Ariel Chapel began to give strong support to this outreach. The needs in Tharaka are great at the present time. Some 37% of the adults in the Tharaka tribe are HIV positive. As these people die, many leave orphans behind to fend for themselves (see "From Chris' Heart").

To add to the misery, this entire area is in the grips of a horrible drought cycle. Our well at the compound is now dry, so we desperately need to drill deeper for water. At the present time we do not have the money to do this. Our clinic staff must take wheelbarrows and walk to a government well for water.

In addition, we serve hot food to between 200 and 600 people a day (millet porridge called “Ugi" for breakfast, and beans and maize for lunch). The people have not produced a crop in two years, and many go to bed hungry every night.

The on-going costs to do what needs to be done are as follows:

Food per Year $25,000
Fuel for Land Rover and generator $5,000
Salaries for Clinic Personnel $24,000
Pharmaceuticals $10,000
Total $64,000

Of this money, only 7% is taken out for overhead.

We have the following one time needs for which we need donations:

New Vehicle $35,000
House for Evangelist $1700
Roof for Dorm Facility $2000
Finish Tabernacle Building $3000
Five Bicycles for Evangelists $500
Total $42,200

If the Lord should move you to support one of these programs with a gift, you would be doing some of the poorest people on earth a world of good. 100 pennies of every designated dollar goes to the project. Not one penny is held out.

Our greatest need is for a vehicle. We have purchased a number of automobiles over the years, which have succumbed to the rough terrain of Kenya, and to advanced age. We are still driving the 1967 land rover that we purchased in 1984. It has had three replacement engines, and four rebuilt transmissions over the past 23 years.

We need a new or newer vehicle to continue our Mobile Medical Clinic efforts. People in the bush need medicine, and cannot reach us. We must go to them. This is the only source of treatment for thousands of people.

Please consider helping us. I can promise you it will be well invested.

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