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July 2006
Ariel Chapel to Hold July Meeting
by Nick Harris

On July 9, the Ariel Chapel will gather again, in preparation for our kick-off event in Norman on August 13. The meeting will once again be held at the home of Brian and Ann Bishop at 4:00 P.M. Brian and Ann live at 1030 J. Keeley Dr, one block west of Lindsey and Pickard. You are cordially invited to attend.

At our initial meeting we found that God has brought together all the gifts required to get our chapel service going. It was amazing to look at the way the spiritual gifts of those present complimented one another, from teachers to givers---from empathizers to exhorters.

The key to any successful endeavor is a covering of prayer support, and we have had so many people call to tell us that they are praying for us. It is so very uplifting and encouraging.

Another great thing about the initial meeting was the way those present caught our vision for taking the gospel to the world. They believe in the mission, and believe that we can make a difference, as we train students to go out and minister in the name of the Lord.

We were unaware when we planned the initial meeting that we were gathering on Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the church. Later, when this dawned on us we were thrilled. It was another sign from God. I could not help but think of those hundred and twenty people gathered in the upper story of the Porches of Solomon in Jerusalem. The book of Acts describes our meeting entirely. It says that the people were gathered in One accord in one place. That was our attitude that Sunday afternoon, and will continue to be our attitude. Ariel Chapel will be, A place of Grace.

This week Brian has been busy securing a place for the chapel services to be held. At the time the Roar is being printed we are looking at a theater in Norman as our temporary place of residence, until property can be purchased. We will give you the final details in the August Roar. Meanwhile, please lend us your prayer support.

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