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January 2009
The Disease of Self Disdain and Self-Doubt
by Nick Harris

With the coming of the New Year I found myself asking, "What is the greatest problem that our nation will face in 2009?" Is it the economy? Is it crime? Is it drug abuse? Is it infectious diseases? Or is it all of the above?

Well, as bad as each of these things may be, I believe that they are only symptoms of a deeper problem. They are symptoms of a vicious cancer that is spreading at an incredible speed in our society and it's eating away the very fabric of modern culture.

So, what is the name of this cancer that reveals itself as crime, chemical abuse, sexual versions and a variety of other social ills? I think I know! It is the cancer of self-disdain and self-doubt. And over the past thirty years this cancerous condition has begun to corrupt almost every person in our society.

Sometimes, I just have to stop and ask myself, "What on earth has happened to people since 1964? If you were alive at that time, you
know that this was the year when our society began to change in a most radical way.

What happened? For one thing, in the 1950's, the courts made divorces easy to attain, and suddenly the divorce rate in this nation began to explode. For another thing, at the same time, the courts gradually began to take the Bible and prayer out of our public schools, and the result of these court actions was this: the family began to crumble and the concept of God began to diminish.

Equally disastrous to the fabric of our culture was this: following World War II, evolution began to be caught as true science, first in our colleges and then in our public schools.

At first, these three changes seemed to make very little difference. Our society did not crumble. No churches were destroyed. No Bibles
were burned. Not everyone got a divorce. But the effect was growing. By 1964, the results of this change began to be seen, especially in the younger generation of the time.

By that year, one entire group of high school students had been indoctrinated with evolutionary theory and, as a result, these
students had begun to reach the one unavoidable conclusion that will always emerge from the teaching and acceptance of Darwinism. These students fully understood the logical outcome of this concept, even if many adults did not, and they accepted it as a religion.

The logical outcome of their new belief system was this: they could see that Darwinism reduces the human race to the status of beasts; a highly advanced strain of beasts, to be sure; a highly intelligent strain of beasts, but beasts, nonetheless. The ramifications were profound, and in 1964, we did not know how to handle such a conclusion and we still do not know how to handle it.

The truth is this: the human family throughout its long history had never had to deal with an issue of this nature before. Never before in history had human beings seen themselves as being no more than highly advanced beasts. In fact, for countless eons of time, the human family had believed itself to be fearfully and wonderfully created, not evolved.

Most of these human beings even saw themselves as being possessed of a God-given, irrevocable dignity. They saw themselves as being created just a little higher than the angels. They would never accept the fact that they were no more than tail-less apes, no more than beasts. They believed they were closer to being gods than they were to being beasts. That is how the majority of people once thought.

They believed that all of life is guided by one great supernatural creative mind called the Great I Am. And not only did they believe that this Great I Am God created the human race, but they also believed that He loves everything that He has ever created. For those of us over the age of sixty that worldview is locked into our minds.

But then the concept of evolution invaded our society, bringing with it a different worldview and a different ethical position. This worldview is called "natural selection" and its ethical position is called "survival of the fittest." In this construct, it is not supernatural dignity that determines our destinies, it is brute strength.

So, even if the "baby-boomers" do not understand what Darwinism means, the present generation does. It understands the ramifications of this worldview and its new ethic! They know that if I am stronger than you, then I can take what you have and call it "survival of the fittest."
After all, if Darwin was right, we are all just beasts. We will take what we want and if we are killed doing it, so what! After all, we are
nothing more than highly evolved beasts.

Anyone can see that if Darwinism is correct, then no basis exists for a sense of self-worth, and the loss of self-worth has been the breeding ground for the plague of self-doubt and self-disdain that is destroying our society today.

My prayer for 2009 is this: with an economic downturn now facing us, the gods of materialism may crumble, and our society may begin to look once again to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the God who created the human family with inalienable rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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