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January 2008
Pastor Harris Leaves for Kenya
by Nick Harris

When you receive this edition of the Roar, Rev. Harris will be at the Each One Feed One compound in the Tharaka region of the nation of Kenya, with his close friends Brian Bishop, and Cal and Linda McCarter.

They will be leaving on January 21 from Oklahoma City, and they will arrive in Nairobi at 7:30 in the morning on January 23. After a six to eight hour drive they will arrive at the northeast foot of Mount Kenya on the Thanandu River in the desert area where the Tharaka people live.

Pastor is asking all of you to cover Brian and him in prayer. This is one of the most AIDS ravaged areas on the planet and they need your assistance. Brian will be taking a duffle bag filled with hand-sized stuffed toys for the children in the area.

The main item of business is to give oversight to the future conversion of the present clinic to a maternity/prenatal care facility, and to the elementary school now operating on the compound. Of special concern is the nutritional care of these children.

What we have discovered of late is this: we simply cannot feed all the hungry people in our area. It is a financial impossibility. Ariel Chapel has recently purchased three truck loads of beans, but that supply is already gone.

We are going to have to focus on our staff and the hungry children that come to us. Brian and I will assess this.

By the time we arrive some work will be completed on our new elementary school facility. The outer building, itself, has been made possible by memorial gifts given to Ariel by the friends of Bill Gaskins. Desks for the school have been given by Jim and Lisa Prebel, and young friends of the McCarter’s daughter, Kelly, have donated the money to pour a cement floor in the new building.

A recent gift to Each One Feed One from the son and daughter of Bill Gaskins, and gifts from a church in East St Louis Illinois, will enable us to complete our worship center.

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