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From Chris's Heart

January 2007
My New Year's Resolution
by Nick Harris

On our recent tour of Greece, one of our stops was in the Macedonian town of Veria. It is not a huge place. It seemed to me to be the size of Guthrie, Oklahoma. It is very quaint and clean, and is built into the side of a high hill overlooking a broad fertile valley.

When we reached the middle of the city, we left our bus and gathered in an open park having three beautiful mosaic monuments that commemorated the days that Paul spent in this very city on his second missionary journey. If you remember Acts 17, you will recall that this town would prove to be a little bit of heaven for Paul while he was here.

Our group gathered around the largest of these monuments and I spent several minutes teaching, reminding them that they were being taught by Paul, Jr.. In the end I implored all of them, as well as myself, to be more like the Berean Jews who attended the synagogue in that town.

In Berea, the synagogue leadership was not threatened by the Apostle’s teaching. They would study what Paul had taught on the Sabbath, and do so in the light of the Scriptures. No other group of people had ever done that, and what they found was this: the message of Paul was completely Biblical, and they received it gladly.

That is why Paul refers to the Bereans in Acts 17:11 as being "noble" (the Greek word means "open-minded"). Being "open-minded," in the sense in which Paul used the term, meant "teachable." My prayer is that we may always be teachable---not locked into our traditions, but open to new revelations from God's Word.

That will be my New Year’s resolution and perhaps it will be yours as well. I have committed myself to do the following in 2007:

"To study to show myself approved to God, a workman who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

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