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From Chris's Heart

December 2006
Ariel Chapel To Celebrate Its First Christmas
by Nick Harris

It seems incredible that on August 20 of this year, Ariel Chapel had its first worship service in our theater home at Robinson Crossing in Norman. Now we will celebrate our first Christmas.

When God moved upon me to launch the dream of creating the Ariel Christian Training Center near the Oklahoma University campus, He revealed to me that we would have to have the Chapel to enable to Training Center to exist.

We had no musicians, no sound equipment, no musical instruments, no money, and no one to attend. I had no idea from where any of these things would come. It was all beyond me, so I simply said to God, ďI donít have a problem Father, you do!Ē I relaxed, and God went to work.

First, he provided some fantastic friends who, knowing nothing about our plans, gave some enormous gifts that enabled us to purchase sound equipment and instruments, including a wonderful keyboard.

Next, without a word from me God provided one of the great praise teams in the city, most of whom have their own instruments, including a terrific drummer, two great guitarists, two wonderful singers, and our anointed keyboardist and praise team leader.

Then God gave to us one of the outstanding sound men in Oklahoma City who sacrifices by driving from Edmond every Sunday, and a wonderful video/computer technician without whom I would be lost.

We believed God was going to give us a piece of property located at Boyd and Berry Street, just a few blocks from the campus of the University of Oklahoma, but that property appears to have been purchased by another congregation.

This was a shock to Chris and me because we believed that God would give us this property---he still may! But we know that we do not have a problem; God does. I know that He has a perfect plan, and we are determined to search for what God is doing in Norman, and join Him.

I am not interested in having God join Ariel Chapel; I want Ariel Chapel to join God. We have a vision to change the world, but we want to do it Godís way.

Meanwhile, we need the support of our ministry partners. To have a school, we need property, and to have property requires more than what those who attend the Chapel can provide.

Consider giving an end of the year gift to enable us to act when God opens the door to us. Meanwhile, pray for this ministry every day. We need your prayers.

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