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From Chris's Heart

September 2009
From Chris' Heart
by Chris Harris

Last Sunday Emily Davis, a precious young lady at the Chapel sat at the keyboard and blessed us with a beautiful song. Many of you know Emily and know that her voice is a gift from God shared also with her Mom, Crystal. But my special blessing came later.

When Nick and I started the Chapel three years ago, one of the concerns I had was that we would not able to provide the same things for the children that we had before, because God was calling us to a new thing. You see, Emily and her brothers and other youth in the Chapel had been taught by godly Sunday school teachers and had participated in programs that I didn’t think we would be able to provide.

However, this summer, a couple of our college students volunteered their home on Thursday evenings to meet with our youth. They study and pray together. They eat together and share good times and do whatever it is that Christian youth do.

As I watched Emily greeted with hugs and signs of encouragement and words of how proud they were of her and even wonderment as if they had just discovered a treasure inside of her that they didn’t even know existed. What a wonderful thing to see! You see the hugs came from not only her peers but from our students. Grace and David and others were there to encourage and appreciate her.

Then it dawned on me without me even noticing, God had provided the answer to my concern for our children and young people. Once again, He had done “exceeding and abundantly more than we could think or ask.” The very ones to whom God had called us to minister, are now the very ones who are ministering to our kids. God is soooo good!

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