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From Chris's Heart

September 2007
From Chris' Heart
by Chris Harris

Most of you know that Nick and I spend one week a year in a place we call our own little bit of heaven. The place is Shorhom by the Sea in New Smyrna Beach Florida.

This year we experienced one of those experiences we pray will never be repeated. As we started the last day of our vacation on the beach, all set up with our umbrella and chairs, surrounded by the boogie boards, sand buckets for sea shells, casting net, towels and sunscreen, two women approached us with frightened looks on their faces and asked if we had seen a little boy in a bright pink tank top. They told us his name was Emmett and he was 4 years old. We had not. They left with one going one way up the beach and the other the other way. About 20 minutes went by when I looked up and noticed one of the women coming back and she was quite distraught. As I walked toward her, I realized it was Stephanie, a lady that Christian, our grandson, and I had helped that morning searching for her glasses. They had been knocked off her face into the ocean by the waves. I asked if they had found the little boy and she said no, and then it hit me, I said, “Is Emmett your son?” She said, “Yes, and I can’t see to find him!” She began to just break down. My heart broke and I could feel the desperation in her soul.

Now, most of you know me well enough to know that my faith is very strong, and quite bold at times, however, I am not one to be bold with others when it comes to their personal faith. But now as I looked in her eyes and felt the panic rising up in her and attempting to rise up in me, out of my mouth came, “Stephanie, are you a Christian?” She said, “Yes,” I said, “then may I pray with you just real quick?” At that she just grabbed both my hands and very quickly we agreed in prayer that we were sending our angels in Jesus’ name to surround and to protect little Emmett, and keep him safe until we could find him. I then prayed to give those who were searching for him true wisdom, and thanked God ahead of time for finding little Emmett. It took less than 30 seconds.

The search continued for at least 45 more minutes. The life guards were notified to the south of us and to the north and they had parked now in front of our Condo. The grounds were searched, the pool and the adjoining pools, the condos, two separate buildings of seven floors with four units a floor, the parking lot and the cars in the parking lot, and now they were telling us it was time to search the water. I just continued to say Jesus, Jesus.

All of the sudden we began to hear, “He has been found!” The little guy was found 3 miles down the beach! He told them he was looking for sea shells for his Momma.

Well, needless to say we all were so thankful and I was thankful for giving me the boldness to stop and pray and use the only true resource that could bring perfect success and a happy ending to a horrifying experience. I pray you know the power that has been given to you in the use of His angels and our own personal helpers.

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