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From Chris's Heart

October 2006
From Chris' Heart
by Chris Harris

The other day I went to the Edmond Post Office to check our mail, and to my surprise I found a chunky Ariel envelope from our grandson who lives in Winfield, Kansas. Beau is nine, however, today, the day I am writing this, is his birthday. Wow, ten years old! Anyway, as I opened the envelope I noticed there was some loose change and three one dollar bills loosely folded or rolled up inside. The note was written on white typing paper very neatly folded at both ends and read, “I am tything $3.30 of my money tward Ariel ministrees. Love, Beau Harris”. Well, I do have to say I was touched beyond words.

Nick and I drove to Winfield that next Saturday for one of Beau’s football games and how fun that was. We told Beau how much Ariel Ministries appreciated his gift and how very proud of him we were. He shared with us that they had had a garage sale and his Mom had let his sister and he sell some of their old toys. Beau had made $33.00. Before we left him that Saturday, I asked him if it was ok to share with you his precious actions. He agreed!

Many things in life bring us happiness, but the things that bring special joy is when you see your children and grandchildren living a life or learning a principle that the Lord promises will bring true success and joy.

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