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From Chris's Heart

November 2007
From Chris' Heart
by Chris Harris

Oh, what a wonderful time we had in Greece. This time was very special because Nick and I went with our dear friends Bill and Susan McCue. There was just the four of us, so Nick decided there were a few places he had never seen and this was the time to do just that. I wish you could have seen his face when we entered the Terrace houses at Ephesus. Oh my gosh!!! He was like a kid in a candy store. You know what I mean; many of you have seen his excitement when he sees a new archeology site. The homes really were quite unbelievable. We had our own personal guide who walked us through the area and there was literally not one other person on the site. Unbelievable!!

When we arrived in Athens our very first night, we took a tram and went to the top of Mont Lykovetos where you can look over the entire city of Athens. It was sunset and the city was just beautiful. There is a lovely restaurant at the top and we have always said, one day, well this was the day. We had a lovely dinner and just enjoyed the view.

Nick and I visited our wind mills in Mykonos; many of you know the ones. We had our gyro at our favorite place and walked those precious streets. We visited the store where
we always get Nick’s sister, Jan, a sweater and stopped at the little outside café by the water for a cappuccino.

Patmos is always special. This year we were able to spend some personal time in the cave where John wrote the book of Revelation. Nick read from the book and Susan and Bill and I were so touched. There is a small window or a carved out hole where you can look down on the bay. I always look out and think that this was the very site that John may have seen as he spent so much time there.

But the most incredible place we saw this time to me was Santorini. Wow! I have always said the most beautiful place in the world was Carmel by the Sea in Monterey California, but not any more. Santorini is just wonderful. I loved the tall cliffs as our ship pulled into the harbor and the clear turquoise water, the little white homes all nestled at the top of the cliffs that at first appeared to be snow, the precious curving streets and glistening white buildings with little blue roofs and curving white stair cases. It is just a picture I will never forget.

Nick and I took a tram from the top of the cliff where our hotel was located and went down to the water where we took a boat out to the volcano that Santorini is known for. From there we walked to the top and were able to look down into the caldera. It was quite an endeavor. Many of you have been with us when we have visited Masada; well this was equivalent to that distance and that height. We wondered at times if we could make it, but we persevered and did just that. The site was unbelievable! And the sunsets in Santorini are truly the most beautiful I have ever seen. Now, I know that Jesus never visited there and I am pretty sure Paul didn’t either, but one thing I do know is this: Our God had everything to do with creating the sites we saw.

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