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From Chris's Heart

March 2011
From Chris' Heart
by Chris Harris

•What an eventful six weeks we have had here in the Harris household. I am so thankful that most of the construction is over and now we arebeginning to see the end of it all. I must say though, I love the addition and am very pleased with all the hard work that went into our home.

During these weeks life continued to happen as it does in our family. Christian, our oldest grandson turned 16 on Valentines Day, and a few days later became a licensed driver. Wow, how does that happen? Max, who is in the second grade at Coronado Heights, was elected president of his class, and Carder won another couple of gold medals in gymnastics. Nick and I were able to attend one of Beau’s wrestling matches in Ark City; Kansas where he won all three of his matches. He completed his season this year with a 13-1 record. He not only won those 13 matches with points he won them with pins. It is so fun watching all our grandchildren finds their way and their places in life and sees how God is blessing them with different gifts and abilities.
Nick has been working very hard on this upcoming trip to Israel and I am so excited that our grandson, Christian, is making the trip with him. It has been a dream of Nick’s for so long and now it is here. He has had the privilege of taking all of his kids and now he is started on the grandkids. How awesome is that?

Now that the house is almost complete, and spring is just around the corner, I look forward to Easter. What a precious time of year and what a gift it is to share this time with a loving congregation like Ariel Chapel and with our friends like you.

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