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From Chris's Heart

June 2010
From Chris' Heart
by Chris Harris

Nick and my prayer when taking a group anywhere is always, Lord, You are in charge. We trust you. After many years of traveling, we have learned that all types of obstacles do come up, and you just learn to deal with it and then move on. However, if you had told me that a Volcano in Iceland would cause so much havoc, I would never have believed you.

Well after many anxious days of waiting, and last minute changes in plans for 24 precious travelers, the trip was made and what a fabulous trip it was. It was all worth it. I must say, once again, God knows what is best for all of us.

Many of you know I have been attempting to sell Momma’s house for over 10 months and to no avail. Do you know that during the extra 7 days we were postponed from our trip, we received three offers, one at full price? We also had a wonderful couple scheduled to travel with us, but she lost her mom the Saturday before our original trip and the funeral was scheduled the day we left. When the trip continued the next week,Linn and Mike were able to go. God is so good.

I really cannot think of a more wonderful trip than this one, except maybe my first trip to the Holy Land. It really was wonderful. I was amazed at all the sites I saw. I used to ask people which city they loved more; Venice or Florence, but now must say I truly could not give you an answer to that question. The Leaning Tower of Pisa was unbelievably incredible, and so much more than what I expected. The statue of David is something I will never forget. I gained a whole new respect and interest in Michael Angelo, after seeing his statue of David and then the beautiful ceiling of the sisteal chapel in the Vatican in Roam. The ride on the gondola was so fun and a dream come true for me, but when we got to our room in Sorrento Italy and walked out on our balcony, I told Nick we must be
dreaming! The Amalfe Coast is indescribable in its beauty. The water and the high cliffs are spectacular with Mt. Vesuvius in the background, and then there was Rome. I had been there before and still was in total amazement.

The only disappointment for all of us was that on our last day in Rome, a free day to do what ever we wanted, Nick got horribly sick. It was so sad because he had his list of all the places he had never been and places he wanted to see, but there was no way. Well, as we got on the plane to head home that next morning, he said, “I guess I will have to come back to Rome,” and I bet he will.

******The next trip will be to Israel and we will be leaving on March 10, 2011. The total price will be somewhere around $3600. If you have
ever dreamed of going to Israel I would love to have you join us.

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