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From Chris's Heart

June 2007
From Chris' Heart
by Chris Harris

Over this last month or so, Nick and I have been in touch with good friends of ours, Linda and Cal McCarter. Many of you remember them from First church as our Missionaries in Kenya, Africa. We worked together to help them build a wonderful work at a place called Tharaka. Well, life goes on at Tharaka. Precious people still come because they need help. They come for food, for health care, to worship and for education. Cal and Linda continue to do what they can with the resources they have and God has blessed Tharaka in many ways.

But my heart was especially touched as Cal told me about a new situation that has developed in Tharaka. As you know aids is on a rampage in Africa, and Tharaka is not exempt from it. He told me of 22 young children, ranging from six years old to fourteen, who have come, one by one looking for a safe place, and they continue to come. These kids have lost their parents to aids and many are sick with the virus themselves. They live in the surrounding villages with relatives, but during the day they come to Tharaka for their meals, clothing and to go to school.

My heart broke as I thought of my grandchildren. I can’t comprehend the feeling of total helplessness of finding themselves in such a situation. These kids through no fault of their own are left to figure it all out by themselves. Well, I want to help them. Cal told me that it only takes $27.00 per month to feed, cloth, educate and even care for the health needs of the children at Tharaka. I know there are many places out there where we can send our money, but how wonderful to know a specific place and a special group of kids that we could literally go see some day or watch grow up if given a chance. There are 22 now, but the number changes every day.

So….I am asking Ariel Chapel for help and I know there are those of you who receive this newsletter who might like to be in on the blessing. Some may want to give a one time gift and others may wish to help every month. If so, send a check made out to Ariel Ministries and earmark your check Tharaka’s kids

God bless Tharaka and God bless you.

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