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From Chris's Heart

July 2010
From Chris' Heart
by Chris Harris

Many of you know I just returned from Hawaii. What a great time we had. I went with three of my dearest friends that I grew up with from my hometown of Ponca City. You have heard me speak of these friends as the “Ponca Prudes”. Yes, that is what I said, Prudes. There are six of us, however, two were unable to go, and we missed them very much. We all celebrated our 40th birthday together in New York City twenty years ago, and had always said we would do something special on the 60th and we did.

What makes our relationship so wonderful is, number one: we all love the Lord and share that precious bond, but number two: we respect and acknowledge each other’s gifts. It is so fun after over fifty years of knowing each other, nothing really has changed. Barbie still comes up with the plans, Lynda tells us what the Lord thinks about the plans, I make sure know one gets left out of the plans, and Beckie reminds us of the importance of taking time to enjoy the plans. We all respond to circumstances much like we used to as little girls, however, now with a little more stubbornness, or should I use a more positive word, resolve.

Through the years we have found ourselves in happy times, sad times, scary times and even times when we questioned each other, but our friendship, by the grace of God has become even closer. I have found the older we get and the more situations that arise in this old world we live in, the stronger we become. Life is so much more fulfilling and interesting when you recognize your purpose for being here, and what an added blessing to share that purpose with the same friends for over fifty years.

I just wanted to thank my Heavenly Father for my precious friends, and our awesome trip and let you know how thankful I am for being blessed with your friendships too.

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