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From Chris's Heart

July 2007
From Chris' Heart
by Chris Harris

As many of you know, our first grandson Christian, age 12, left for a trip to Australia a week ago. He is traveling with a group called “People to People” which is a Student Ambassador Program where students travel over sees to represent their state. After much planning and many fund raising events, and thanks to many of you, Christian left for one of the greatest experiences of his life.

Nick and I took the family to dinner the night before he left and Christian got to pick the restaurant. He told us he wanted a steak, but he didn’t want to go to ‘Outback.’ When I asked why, he said, “Meme!” I have always been a little slow. HA! At the table we prayed for our food and prayed a special blessing and a covering over Christian with true confidence that his heavenly Father would watch over him while he was away from us.

At the airport the next day I must say, I had a few butterflies in my stomach. However, it was so fun to see how excited he was. It was also quite encouraging to watch how he handled the situation of having no ticket when he reached the ticket counter. Evidently his name had been omitted from the People to People list. Needless to say MeMe, along with Mom and Dad, were losing it inside while keeping a healthy smile on our faces. Christian just smiled and waited patiently, and 10 to 15 minutes later, all the details were worked out and he proudly gave us thumbs up. I was so proud of the character he showed.

I was working out in my garden the other day and stopped to wash off the patio and noticed the blue little tike’s wheelbarrow needed to be cleaned off. As I took the hose to it my mind went back to the time when Christian, at 2 years old, filled it with dish water soap and covered the yard with bubbles. Now, here we are, that same little guy is half way around the world seeing sites I may never see. Where does time go? I am so thankful he has been given this wonderful opportunity.

They all grow up and go their ways and God has promised us, to train them up in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from you. That promise I will count on every day of my life, for all my kids and grandkids and even on the ones still to come.

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