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From Chris's Heart

January 2012
From Chris' Heart
by Chris Harris

Itís hard to believe that the holidays have already come and gone. I hope all of yours was special and filled with lots of love.

You all know pretty much how it goes around the Harris household during the holidays. Thanksgiving dinner was here with most of the family present and the day was not complete until Choir Boy was carried from his closet and placed in his special place. We took the annual picture with Choir boy and all nine grandkids. We had two cameras and a couple iPhones and thought surely one of us would shoot the perfect picture. It wasnít until everyone was ready to head home that we realized Zeke was not in any of the pictures. Turns out he had missed the entire sitting all together while playing on the iPad in the Ariel room. Itís not unusual for one of them to be missing in a picture, but it was just the idea that none of us had even noticed!

Oh my gosh, we all couldnít believe it! I guess that is what happens when your family has multiplied.

The trees were all up and the house completely decorated both inside and out by the first of December. You know how I am, I just love it! The candy store pretty much took over about that time and truly there was candy and beautiful baskets everywhere! We had our first Christmas dinner at the Chapel for the Pride and Nick celebrated another birthday. Blake Lulabelle danced in her first ballet recital and Jacqueline danced in the Nutcracker in Arkansas City, Kansas. Joseph had a solo in his Christmas Choir Concert. We had our annual cookie night with seven of the nine grandkids here to make and decorate the prettiest and most unique Christmas cookies you have ever seen. Even Christian was here. This was his sixteenth year to make Christmas cookies at MeMe and Coachís house. I canít believe how time passes by.

Christmas Eve was perfect with a candlelight communion service at our precious Chapel and, I do have to say, it was one of the sweetest services Nick has ever done. We all had dinner at the house and ended the evening celebrating Jesusí birthday by singing Happy Birthday to Him and eating His birthday cake. By then it was time for everyone to get home to bed and to wait on the arrival of Santa.

Christmas morning was crazy with the whole group back again,and excited to see what Santa had left for them at MeMeís house. Coach was anxiously waiting for Stephanie's homemade bread pudding and was once again not disappointed. What a wonderful Christmas and what a great joy. But you know Nick and my greatest joy comes when we think of you and your love and obedience to our Father. The joy of all of us being used together as a vessel to touch so many lives for His glory. We are constantly amazed with what God has been able to accomplish through this small but mighty ministry. Thank you for your trust and your love.

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