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From Chris's Heart

February 2010
From Chris' Heart
by Chris Harris

Finally it is February! I have always had a hard time with the month of January. I guess because I love December so much and am so busy doing the things I love to do.

February has already been a better month and there is lots going on. The Harris’ have been trying to keep up with Carder and his gymnastics meets. He has done very well this year in level six, winning a number of medals and Coach and MeMe are very proud of him. I have also been working on Momma’s house trying to get it ready to put back on the market. Pray with me that it will sell quickly. It is a precious home and needs a sweet family living in it.

Nick and my trip to Italy is pretty well set. We have 26 travelers going with us in April and are looking forward to seeing places we have never seen before. We leave a few weeks after Easter and will have lots of experiences and pictures to share with you all.

As you can see by the picture, we enjoyed our “Miss America Night”once again. This was the first time I can remember not being able to share this time with Momma, and we did miss her, but what a fun time we had. When the weather turned bad, I wondered if we could all get together, but you know Amy Beth, she was determined that a little snow, sleet and ice would not detour she and Stephanie and Blake Lulabelle from attending the “Miss America Experience”. So, here we were, legal pads in hand, all of us adorned with sparkling tiaras, attempting to help the judges with their selections.

We did pretty well too. Actually we feel we might have been a little better at it. Oh well, always a fun time.

February is a wonderful time to tell someone how much you love them, and how much they are loved by the one who loved them first. I love you…and pray blessings over you and yours.

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