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From Chris's Heart

February 2008
From Chris's Heart
by Chris Harris

While Nicholas and Brian were in Kenya, Africa working on building something eternal for the Kingdom, I was in Las Vegas, Nevada attending the Miss America Pageant, but I must add, God was with us too.

All my life, since I was a little girl, my Mother and I would watch the Miss America Pageant together and we would dream. Momma always encouraged me, and held Miss America up as women of high standards, beautiful, both inside and out, and a true representative of what an honorable lady was. Well, I never became Miss America, but I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and the dream continued. Amy was raised believing the same. We have always shared this one night together in our living room, dreaming, judging, and celebrating. My daughter-n-law, Stephanie has joined us in the last few years and we have now adoring us with our plastic and rhinestone crowns.

Well, this year we decided to make a dream come true. Momma, Amy, Stephanie and myself were able to attend the Miss America Pageant of 2008. It was both exciting and fun. We got all dressed up in our glamorous looks and shared a dream we all had. It meant so much to me to spend that time with them, and by the way, the dream goes ona few days before we left for our trip, Jamie and Stephanie found out the baby Steph is carrying is a little GIRL!!! Who knows maybe she will be the one.

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