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From Chris's Heart

February 2007
From Chris' Heart
by Chris Harris

Last Friday night Nick and I went to Norman to watch our number four Grandson in his first Gymnastic meet. What a great time. Carder is our daughter’s third boy and is five years old. Carder has always been our Superman, Spiderman, Bibleman and a lot of James Bond man mixed in. He is absolutely fearless! He has always been one constantly in motion from jumping off walls, to climbing trees, to diving in swimming pools.

So, Amy, recognizing his special abilities (“HA”), decided to take him by the Trotter Gym to visit with the coach there. Carder went to his first practice and the coach said he seemed to be a “natural”. We were all so excited that he had found a place were he could excel, and a place for us to know he would learn the safe and correct way to do what it is he does. He absolutely loves it!

Now, I must add this: the evening we all walked into that gym his Dad and his Coach (that is Nick) were both thinking to themselves that they could never picture themselves attending a gymnastic meet let alone having a son nor a grandson participating in one. God has a way of getting our attention. You know, God blesses each of us with certain abilities and when that ability is seen in someone or something you love we always accept it as a very special gift from a Father that loves us.

Carder did great! He won five ribbons and at the end of the meet was awarded a gold metal…along with every young man that participated. However, Carder was the high scorer of his team, and MeMe and Coach think his Gymnastic coach is right, Carder is a natural!

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