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From Chris's Heart

December 2012
From Chris' Heart
by Chris Harris

I bet before you even start reading this you know what I am going to say. Well, you are right. I love Christmas!

Those of you who really know me, know how much. It really is my most favorite time of year.

I had an experience this last month that when it was happening, it meant so much to me that I even said out loud, “I believe I will write about this in the Roar.”

I have a very dear friend, Barbara Coates, who I have known over 50 years. Many of you know her or at least have heard me speak of her. Barbie and I have been together since we were 3 years old and living in Ponca City. Our families worked together.

It was a couple days before Thanksgiving and Barb called and asked if I thought Amy, our daughter, would be interested in helping her with making a pecan pie for their family for Thanksgiving. She added that she would love to pay Amy and that she had remembered Amy loved to make pies and that she had never made one before. She said she always remembered Momma’s pecan pie and her wonderful crust that only Ellen could make.

I shared with Barbie that Amy didn’t make pecan pies, however I did…to her surprise. I explained to her that the very first Thanksgiving after Momma passed away,I decided that I would attempt to make her pecan pie for Thanksgiving. You might remember I put a picture in the Roar three years ago with me and my first pie. Seriously, my first pie. You see Momma always made the pies in our family and then she taught Amy, so I never learned.

Well, here we were, one of my closest and oldest friends asking us to help her make my Momma’s pecan pie. I just loved it! So, you know what we did? Barb and Amy came over the day before Thanksgiving and we made Momma’s pecan pie together. It truly was a precious memory for all of us, especially for me. I even took a picture. I can hear a lot of you saying, “of course you did.”

I can’t really put into words why this meant so much to me, but I know I felt like, for a minute, Momma was right there with us. I miss her so. As Barb and I cooked I thought of all those times as little girls making fudge in her Mom’s kitchen, but most of all watching my daughter share a treasure that her grandmother had left her with my friend. Honoring my mother, sharing with a friend, and the pride I feel for my wonderful daughter. Life here on earth doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

My prayer for you this Christmas season is that you will share a time with those you love that blesses you in such a way that you can hardly put it into words.

Nick and I love you, and we thank you helping us touch the lives of many for Jesus. Bless you all, and have a very Merry Christmas.

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