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From Chris's Heart

August 2007
From Chris' Heart
by Chris Harris

This last three or four weeks I have been helping my mother while she recovered from hip surgery. Many of you know Momma, and know how very close we are. She has been such a trooper through this whole ordeal and I have been so proud of her. She has given me a wonderful example to follow and I only hope that as time goes on and I am forced to accept help in areas I am used to doing on my own, I could be so willing.

You know you learn a lot about yourself, and others when you are faced with making a decision that could mean the difference of life and death. Your faith becomes very real and extremely important. The surgery Momma needed required approximately two hours for completion but due to her heart condition the doctor was given a one hour time limit by her anesthesiologist who basically said he would rather not take the chance. The family along with Momma did quite a bit of visiting with God and with each other and basically came up with the same conclusion. Momma was confident in her doctor, she did not like living the way she was, and she was not afraid because she new her Father in heaven and if He needed her there, she was ready to go.

Many of you played an important part in all of this and I want to thank you for that. You know there is no doubt in my mind that prayer was the determining factor. Momma was covered in prayer from day one. Her faith united with ours, and God showed us her purpose was not complete. The surgery was only 45 minutes long, her heart never skipped a beat, her blood pressure stayed perfect and there was absolutely no problem with fluid on her lungs. The doctor was able to fix the problem with the hip, and she walked out of the hospital on a walker four hours later.

It has been interesting to see the part Momma plays in others lives. I have learned that not only is she one of the most important persons in my life, but others too. Her swim team friends, friends from many churches, friends of mine, and precious neighbors that say the neighborhood would not be the same without her. What a wonderful thing!

I thank God for her, and I thank God for making her a Blessing to others.

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