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From Chris's Heart

August 2006
From Chris' Heart
by Chris Harris

We had another fun and tradition filled Fourth of July this year. I hope you all did, too. For the last three years, we have gone to the home of Teri Bell, located just north of Oklahoma City. Our kids all come with all their kids, along with a few other friends and Momma. The Evans family have always been a part of this group, too. The grandkids love that because Mike always supplies everyone with the biggest and best fireworks ever.

The Fourth of July has never been one of my favorite holidays, but only because I have always been afraid of fireworks. However, I will have you know that this year I stood outside, and even half way down the drive way watching everyone having a great time. The fireworks were beautiful!

About half way through the fireworks extravaganza, Nick, who is better known as Coach, asked all these folks and all their little ones the question, “Who can tell me why we celebrate our countries birthday with fireworks?” Our oldest grandson, Christian, responded by telling him they represented the bombs that exploded, and the firing of rifles during the battles of the Revolutionary War. I was proud of him for knowing the correct answer. I did find out later that Lance’s sermon on the previous Sunday morning had explained it.

Apparently, Christian carefully listens to his father’s sermons and that is a great sign. We also found out that they had discussed this in the car on the way to Teri’s house. Lance and Nick are often on he same page when it comes to the importance of historical events and why we do the things we do.

Hope your Fourth was fun and memorable too.

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