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Welcome to the Ariel Ministries web site. Ariel’s mission and its purpose for being is as follows:

"To Transform Lives Through the Good News of Relational Grace."

Our founder, The Rev. Nick Harris, believes that God’s grace flows through the conduit of a personal relationship with God. Grace changes lives and grace does its transforming work by awakening the relationship of sonship, the “HUIOS” relationship, in the hearts of a men and women.

When a man or woman surrenders to that relationship, everything in life is transformed. Ariel seeks to spread this life changing message through the following venues:
preaching and teaching events, radio and television outreach, church consultation and through its many books, tapes, and study guides.

Feel free to surf through our site. Check out our tours, our teaching and consultation opportunities, our books and tapes, and our study guides. But most of all, we hope that you will feel the pulse of this great ministry, which is totally committed to the service of God and humanity.

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