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Ariel Ministries has now assumed partial financial responsibility for a project that has been very dear to the heart of our founder, Nick Harris. The project involves a clinic, an elementary school, a feeding program, and an evangelistic outreach.

Our compound is located in the desert at the foot of Mount Kenya in the region of northeastern Kenya known as the Tharaka district. Rev. Harris became involved in this project in 1984 when his friends Cal and Linda McCarter told him about their mission outreach known as Each One Feed One. He joined in their sacrificial efforts.


In the last several years we have made enormous progress. At one point, the well on our compound was dry, but thanks to the generosity of a group known as Lifeline, we now have a deep water well that provides more than enough water for our compound and for many of the people in our area. Lifeline also provided us with a diesel driven generator and a pump to allow us to bring water to the surface. This water is very important to the people of our area because periodic droughts decimate the local population.


This is where our feeding program comes in. Thanks to the generosity of a West Texas oilman who provides us with $24,000 each year, we can feed over 400 people every day, people who would otherwise suffer from severe malnutrition.


Our clinic does yeoman duty in our region. Thirty-eight percent of the people in our area are HIV-positive, and many of them are dying every day. However, the number one killer of people in our region is malaria. Therefore, on a periodic basis, we purchase 2000 mosquito nets to distribute to the people in our region. Our on-site evangelists go out into the villages and personally hang these mosquito nets in the homes of those persons who do not have them.


Our clinic provides top grade pharmaceuticals for people who come to the clinic thanks to a sister church in Perryton, Texas. Our highly qualified registered nurses care for those who come to the clinic on a daily basis, and one day a month we have an MD and a DDS come to our compound from Nairobi to assist our nurses.

Motherís Clubs

One of our main outreaches is our mother's clubs. Village women come to the compound on a weekly basis or checkups, Fellowship Bible studies, and to sing praises to God (you have never heard praise into you have heard African women sing).


At the present time, our greatest contribution to the people in our area has been our fantastic primary school. At present our school in has 76 boys and 87 girls enrolled in what is known in Kenya as Standard Grades 1-6. In addition, we have 24 boys and 21 girls in our baby and nursery classes. The school also has six male and six female teachers. All of them are outstanding.
In the area of academic performance our school is doing magnificently. For example, in the second term of 2011, our school ranks as follows:

Standard 1---fourth out of 24 schools.
Standard 2---third out of 26 schools.
Standard 3---fourth out of 26 schools.
Standard 4---second out of 22 schools.
Standard 5---ninth of 19 schools.
Standard 6---third out of 17 schools.

We are particularly pleased with the progress of our sixth grade level students. They ranked first in English and in math, second in science, and sixth in social studies out of the seventeen schools in our zone. Our third grade ranked third in English, third in math, first in science, and fourth in social studies out of the twenty-six schools in our zone.

On standardized tests, when the best pupils were selected from our zone in Kenya, our school was ranked first, numero uno. We are convinced that the outstanding performance of our students has to do with the fact that we feed our children two hot meals a day. Hungry children do not learn---they cannot learn.
Believe me, we are beginning to break the strangle hold that ignorance and poverty has held over this part of Kenya, and we are setting an example of what can be done to change the way things are into things as God wants them to be.

These are only a few of the things we accomplish through Each One Feed One in this impoverished corner of the world.

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