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November 2007
Opposing the Lie (Part 3)
by Nick Harris
In the previous two editions of the Roar, we have been examining, “The Lie,” Satan’s declaration that living independently of God will allow us to become the gods of our own lives. At this point it would be good to read the two previous editions of the Roar to catch-up. In this edition we will examine the glorious Law of God and what it does to “The Lie.”

The value of the Law of God is this: it shows us everything that God created us to be. We know that we cannot keep this law, but that is because of sin. In fact, without the presence of sin in us, we human beings would be able to keep God’s law perfectly. So, we might say this: the Law of God points to the dignity and honor that God first breathed into the human race when He gave life to us.

When the Law of God was given to Moses on Mount Sinai, its provisions were shocking to the world of that era (1250 B.C.) For example, the law of God declared that righteous people would honor their fathers and mothers. That was a radical concept in those days. At that time, the vast majority of people were hunter-gatherers and herdsmen, constantly on the move. When an aged person could no longer hunt or produce food in that environment, they were a burden. So, they were driven out of the camp to be devoured by wild beasts or to starve.

Then came the law of God. It said to us, “You cannot treat anyone that way, especially your father and mother. All people are made in the image of God, including the elderly, therefore, they have worth---they have a dignity that is bestowed by God, Himself. As a result, these persons should be highly honored.”

Under the Law of God, the same standard applies to all other human beings. All of us were made in God’s image and likeness. That is why we human beings must not kill one another or steal from one another. This means that when we strike out at each other we strike out against God since we all bear God’s image. So, the Law of God was given to us to show us how awesome the human family has the potential of becoming once the issue of sin has been overcome.

The truth is the creator of the divine law has long since declared that every person who has ever lived on this planet has ultimate worth; we are worth the life of His own Son. That sets enormous value on this race of ours.

When we add to that the fact that the Son of God chose to shed His blood to redeem this fallen human race, the picture comes even clearer. Only love could provoke such an action. What God did for us through His Son demonstrates that God not only values the human family, but also loves the human family. God can see what humankind has the potential of becoming by design.

The truth is this: we were meant to be a higher form of life than the animals, yet we increasingly allow our behaviors to become animal-like. We need the law to hold that animal instinct at bay.

However, the people to whom the Law of God was given took it and built a religion around it, and in so doing distorted it. It was turned into a codex of rules, by which these people tried to live. The problem was they did not codify God’s law so that they could use it to reach their full potentials. They codified it so they could have a goal to reach which told them the point at which they would become acceptable to God. Thus the law of God was distorted.

Fortunately, God did not end His efforts to demonstrate the potential of the human family when He gave them the law. He recognized that the law was too abstract, so He chose to join Himself to the human family. He took upon Himself humanness, accepting the full consciousness of a created being. In doing this, God proved that human beings are the most important element in His creation because it was a man that He chose to become.

This incarnation activity is incredible. God’s act proved once and for all that human beings never “come to God.” Rather God came to us, and He did before any of us did anything good; He came to us while we were fallen beings.

Perhaps this is why Jesus Christ, Eternal God in human flesh, chose to tell so many stories about lost things. He told of lost sheep, lost coins and lost sons. It was His life’s mission to find lost things. The fact of this personal, divine search lends value to that which He seeks to find. No one searches for something that is of no value. If a thing has no value it is simply missing—if a thing has value then it is lost.

Years ago, my grandmother owned a string of very valuable pearls with real 24 carat gold baubles interspersed between them. One Thanksgiving afternoon, our family was being excused from the dining table when Grandmother’s pearls got entangled with the corner of the table. As a result, the strand broke. The pearls and gold balls flew everywhere.

Everyone went into a panic, but Grandmother was cool as a cucumber. She did not do something stupid, like get a broom and sweep up the pearls and gold balls and discard them in the trash can. The necklace may have been broken but it still had value. The necklace could be fixed if the parts could be found.

So, we all got down on our hands and knees and searched. My father and uncles moved the furniture so the search could be thorough. Grandmother was determined that her necklace was going to be put back together, just like it had been. It had worth to her—it was priceless, so we searched until we had found every piece.

God has the same attitude. In God’s mind there is no such thing as a lost, worthless sinner. Religion invented that concept. Such a concept simply cannot be found in the Bible. People can blow their lives to smithereens, destroy everything good about them, but they are still precious in the sight of God. They have value even if they are broken and lost, and God never stops searching for valuable lost things.

To be continued in the December Roar

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