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From Chris's Heart

December 2012
Group From the Chapel Going to Kenya
by Nick Harris
In January, Chris Harris, Teri Bell, and Jim Goodnow will be joining Linda McCarter, Leslie Lineer, and Tim Dunbar, for a mission trip to the Each-One-Feed-One compound in northeast Kenya. They will be leaving on January 19 and returning on February 2. Chris, Teri, and Jim will leave from Oklahoma City, while Linda and Leslie will leave from Tulsa.

Tim, a civil engineer from Belleville, Illinois, will fly from St, Louis. They will all meet at Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC. They will fly to Geneva, Switzerland, and then on to Nairobi, Kenya.

The group will help layout future improvements to the compound facilities so that we can accommodate work teams from the United States. In fact, in June of 2013, Kyle McCarter and his wife Victoria will be taking a work team of twenty plus persons to the compound. They will help to erect two new school buildings which will house our seventh and eighth grade level students. The church in Belleville will finance one of the two buildings, while Ariel Chapel will finance the other. Each building will cost about $12,000.

We desperately need our friends and supporters to pray for God’s grace on the issue of electricity on the compound. As you know, we have had electrical poles and wires in place for three years. We have already purchased the necessary transformer, and did so over two years ago, and we have completely wired every building on the compound. However, we have been held up by government officials demanding bribes. Of course, they do not call them bribes; they are surcharges. However, a rose by any other name…

Also pray for the safety of the team. Africa is a very unsettled continent at the present time and we need to surround these people with prayer.

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