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One of Ariel Ministries strongest ministry aspects is in the area of church consultations. These are a few of the areas where Pastor Harris can assist any congregation:

Financial Development:
In February of 1982, when Nick Harris was appointed to be the senior minister of First United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City, the annual budget was $186,000 per year, $60,000 of which came from a parking lot lease.

By the year 2000, the annual budget was grown to $2.4 million per year. Church growth certainly contributed to the incredible financial increases First Methodist experienced, but the greates contribution was the inspired teaching of Pastor Harris on the importance of the giving of tithes, offerings and alms. Questionaires filled out by the congregation indicated that 82% of the giving units actuall tithed the church. In fact, many tithed their gross incomes, and contributed offerings and alms to God's work.

These same principles can also be taught to your congregation, and will increase the abilities of your church to fulfill its mission in the world.

Church Growth:
Helping churches to grow has been another strength of Pastor Harris. Each of his five pastorates experienced phenomenal growth under his leadership. Even in the Methodist church in the tiny town of Carmen, Oklahoma, pastor took a congregation of 22 and helped grow it into a church with an average attendance of over 70 per Sunday. In the tiny town of Lamont, Oklahoma, attendance doubled in forty two short months. In Ponca City, Oklahoma, he took a church with an average attendance of 120 and in three years it averaged over 300 per Sunday. A similar growth was experienced in Fairview, Oklahoma.

However, at First United Methodist in Oklahoma City, he took a dying downtown congregation and in ten years attendance climbed from 140 per Sunday to over 600 per Sunday, and the church continued its meteoric growth throughout his pastorate.

Once again, the principles he utilized to grow churches will work in any congregation.

Long Range Planning:
Most of the successes Pastor Harris has enjoyed in his 35 years of pastoral minstry has been the result of long range planning. He states, "Any church that does not know today, where it will be five years from now is going nowhere." He can help any congregation engage in planning its future.

Pulpit Fills:
Pastor Harris is available for pulpit fills. Since his retirement, December 31, 2003, he has filled the pulpit at Life Church, Edmond, Oklahoma, a congregation with 12,000 in attendance. He has also preached at St. Barnabus' Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas, Bella Vista Community Church in Bella Vista, Arkansas, Redeemer Covenant Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Cornerstone Covenant Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Should your church need any of these services, E-mail us immediately. Our address is

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